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3 Reasons Why should you Invest in Real Estate?

The people having enough resources invest in different businesses. Here we will discuss why you should invest in real estate. Different benefits of investing in real estate are discussed below:

High return on investment:

 The return is calculated depending on several factors such as the conditions of the property, the amount of the purchase, the capital gain and the price that is sold, but in general, the return is usually 30% or much more.

Your money works for you:  through the surplus value that your properties acquire, your property acquires value over time and helps you build equity while you invest in other properties or other types of businesses. Unlike other investments, it does not demand periodic expenses from you while its value increases day after day.

Security and flexibility:  

This type of investment is an action that will protect your pocket in case of an emergency. Additionally, having a property serves as a support for the application of a mortgage loan, to invest in a larger business or to receive income when you enjoy your retirement.

Housing as a financial instrument has a higher degree of security and confidence than other types of investment.

Varied investment options:

 investing in real estate lead generation is not limited to just getting a house or an apartment with a mortgage loan. You can create an investment portfolio that includes houses of different sizes, apartments of all types, housing developments, commercial premises and others.

This option allows you to diversify your money and not depend on a single source of income or a single property. With a good plan, you can schedule yourself to pay off one, two, or more properties at the same time while earning profit on each one.

How to invest in real estate:

It is important to know that each investment is different from another, so you must be prepared for the challenge that each one presents to you. Here we leave you some tips so that you have a clear investment plan and do not fail in the attempt:

Define your budget:  this is the pillar of any investment you make, not only in the real estate sector. You must consider how much money you are willing to invest, and therefore, the time you will have to wait to see the profits reflected. Remember that there are different ways to invest with little money and you should be aware of the Expert Tips to know where to invest money in real estate.

Do not rush:  

being one of the safest forms of investment, it is also one of the most delayed when returning profits. Each time changes depending on what is the purpose of investment that we talked about earlier. The crucial thing is that you are patient because it is not a sector that generates profits overnight, but one that generates great profits if you wait the necessary time.

Consider what type of investment you will make:  investing in real estate is not just placing capital in a certain method and expecting it to generate profits. If you have an adequate plan, you can generate profits in different ways, for example, you can buy an apartment in pre-sale, have it for two or three years for short-term rental, remodel it and sell it for a much higher value than what you bought it for.

No investment is exclusive of another, so you should consider very well what kind of investment you will make so that you get the most out of it.

Investigate everything you can about the property:  even if you live in a specific city, you can invest in other locations within Mexico. Look for the cities that offer the greatest added value and that are attractive to both investors and other sectors of the market.

Choosing the property is one of the most important steps. The location, the price, the age and the environment are some of the characteristics that you must take into account so that you make the best investment.

Aspects to take into account when investing in a property:

Let’s review what are the elements to take into account when investing in real estate.

Location and environment:  this is one of the main reasons for accepting or declining a property. The proximity to places of interest, the supply of transport and shops are aspects that will increase or decrease the value at the time of buying and selling.

Orientation and floor:  this component refers to bioclimatic characteristics such as light and noise pollution of the property. In the market, properties that have more natural light and are on higher floors are valued more for having a better view and being further away from noise.

This element is more appreciated in the departments.

Buy off plans:

  This is one of the best ways to generate profits because you can acquire a property at a launch price while paying the initial installment in installments. At the time of receiving the properties, you will see that the price will increase considerably thanks to the capital gains that it has acquired over time.


 the newer a property is, the more expensive it is. Properties, over time, tend to reduce their price, even more if they do not have proper maintenance and are deteriorated.

Keep in mind that this is a factor that is not decisive and is one of the many that make up the final price of a property. For example, a property on Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, no matter how worn it is, will still be one of the most expensive in the country

Common areas: 

 These areas are the ones that give additional value to your property thanks to services such as shared parking, swimming pool, sauna, green areas and others. With the new normality, more spaces such as coworking, game rooms or collective kitchens have been valued.

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