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Reasons to hire a real estate agency

When it comes to making our property available to the market, there are always a number of factors that make us question the fact of doing it independently or through a real estate agent.

Time, legalization and the trust of the person to whom the property would be delivered are some of the factors that question us when making the decision. In addition , best real estate company helps you connect with various real estate agents for the sale and rental of houses and apartments.

  • The first reason to hire a real estate agent is to save time, since if you decide on one, it will be in charge of receiving all the visits.
  • The real estate company takes charge and is responsible for the main objective, selling or leasing the property.
  • In the case of renting an apartment or being interested in buying a house , the real estate agent will be in charge of complying with the terms: rental payment, administration and public services, signing of the contract or payment of the full value of the property. In such cases of early return, it will also be in charge of carrying out the process (term of duration or elimination of the contract). Likewise, it adheres to compliance with the leasing law, law 820 of 2003 and law 1943 of 2018 on real estate sales. 
  • They handle agreements with banking entities, which facilitates payment for both parties to the agreement. In turn, they have several professional real estate agents in sales, with which there are several people in charge of carrying out the sale or lease of the property.
  • Hiring a real estate agent will not only represent you, but will also give you the opportunity to have advice and guidance in view of a viable business with your property.
  • The real estate agency is aware of the market, which gives several advantages to negotiating with the property as a result of the marketing study carried out by the entity. Result obtained from the characteristics of the same, such as the average of the sector, the stratum and the characteristics that it has. Due to the fact that the market has a great offer, being mediated by an entity will facilitate the process, so the processing process will not take so long 
  • Being a real estate specialist, with a fixed point of attention, will generate greater confidence in those aspiring to buy or rent your property.
  • The property may be made available to the interested party in less time than when doing it individually, since it is better positioned in property search engines, thanks to advertising and the online and offline presence of ads.
  • During the legal and processing process, the real estate agent is responsible for sharing the necessary documents and also for supervising the completion and compliance with the clauses of the contract by both parties.
  • The negotiation, thanks to the mediating factor carried out by the real estate agency, is a safe deal. The investment made in capital will be rewarded with elaborate management. Finally, real estate agents give added value to the property thanks to reputation, which generates greater confidence in each of the parties involved.
  •  Buy off plan is one of the best options to start investing. It is the stage in the development process of a property in which it has not yet been built and the developer seeks to attract as many buyers as possible to move forward. Another of its advantages is that even if you pay a lower price, as the project progresses, it will gain surplus value, so you can start offering it from the day it is delivered to you.Builders tend to sell projects in stages and the earlier you buy, the cheaper it will be. If you want to know more about how to earn money with pre-sales, here is a link so you can learn more about this model.

We hope that these tips are useful when choosing a real estate agency, leave us your questions and comments. If you are a real estate agent and you need a skip tracing service, knock us and we will provide you the accurate data with instant skip tracing.