Types of Real Estate Investment

Types of Real Estate Investment

Since we reviewed what are the benefits of investing in real estate. Now yes, we will explain what are the most recognized ways to invest in real estate.

There are many types of real estate investment in different sectors of the economy such as agriculture, industry or business. Here we are going to show you how you can do it in residential real estate.


 This scheme is a tool used by various builders and developers. This consists of transferring the property title to a trustee that manages the real estate skip tracing project, which will later transfer the built units to the beneficiaries of this group.

This is one of the favorite options for investors because it does not have much operating expense and is suitable for developing real estate ventures with third-party funds.

Rental or rental:

  This is one of the modes that has gained the most strength in recent years. Acquiring a property in a strategic location can generate good profits if it meets the demands of the market.

The advantage is that you can choose the rental format you want to use. For example, you can agree on a rental contract that lasts one year to ensure a permanent cash flow or you can rent it through platforms such as Airbnb or Booking on certain dates and be able to enjoy this property when you want to do so.

An important point to keep in mind is that this can take a good amount of time. You must be willing to take reservations if you decide to publish on platforms or to be aware of requests from your landlord.

Real estate crowdfunding:  

This is one of the first options for people who are starting to invest in real estate and have little capital. This is a method of raising money for construction companies that are looking for many people willing to invest small amounts of money in exchange for generating profits in the short and medium term.

We can call this format the purchase of shares of a property, since a person can buy several fractions and, therefore, become the majority shareholder of a property.

Real estate investment funds: 

 This system is more common among people who have been in the sector for a long time and decide to invest in different real estate developments. This fund works by bringing together a group of participants who contribute capital in a significant way, which is managed by a market specialist.

Thanks to the fact that they have formidable capital, it is normal for them not to concentrate on a single type of property, but to invest in different properties such as residential, commercial or industrial.

This description may seem similar to that of the trust that we told you in the first instance. The difference is that the funds are created with the main objective of generating profits for investors, while the trust is the management of a resource until the owner decides to claim it after certain conditions have been met.

Renovation and sale: 

 This is a method that is used for both new and used housing. It consists of acquiring a property at a low price and remodeling it with the aim of remodeling it and selling it at a higher price.

This model, also known as  House Flipping , is based on the purchase of used houses with a certain state of deterioration to remodel it and sell it at a considerably higher price.

In the case of new housing, it can be done with the apartments that are delivered without many finishes or without furnishing. The ideal thing is that you buy houses on plans so that you can adapt it at the end of the work and generate the highest dividends.

This system is highly recommended for people who have knowledge of construction and decoration because they can get fully involved in the remodeling process to generate the greatest amount of profit.

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