questions to ask during a visit in real Estate

Top 10 questions to ask during a visit in real Estate

The real estate visit is an important step in the process leading to the purchase of a detached house or an apartment. Indeed, this is the ideal time to gather information about the property from the seller or the real estate agent. However, it is not always easy to know what to ask for, especially when buying for the first time. To have all the useful information to make a good decision, Skip Tracing Inc. offers you a list of questions to ask during your future visits.

1- Is the accommodation well served by public transport?

Real estate professionals agree that the location of the accommodation is  an essential criterion. If the area in which the accommodation is located is landlocked or isolated, you will find it difficult to enjoy your property. Indeed, these accommodations are often poorly served by public transport. In addition, there are usually no shops or schools nearby.

During the real estate visit, do not hesitate to ask and check if the neighbourhood is well placed. Is the accommodation close to major arteries? Are there schools, supermarkets, hospitals and bakeries nearby? Are there places of pleasure or relaxation (amusement park, museum, cinema) in the neighbourhood? Here are so many questions that will help you make the right choice. This will allow you to have good living conditions and facilitate the resale of the property later.

2- Is the accommodation quiet enough?

Even if the accommodation is well built and located in a beautiful area, the majority of potential buyers withdraw when they notice  noise pollution . During the visit, take care to ask the seller if the property is quiet, especially in the evenings. In addition, ask him if your future neighbours are rather discreet or on the contrary indulge in noise pollution.

However, several signs can detect the possible existence of noise pollution near the property. If there’s a bar or nightclub nearby, you’re likely to experience incessant noise. The same will apply when the accommodation overlooks a boulevard or is located above a car park. On the day of the visit, find out whether or not there is a railway line. Indeed, people who live near railway tracks often complain about the untimely whistling of trains.

3- Have major renovations been carried out?

Has the current owner of the apartment or house done any major renovations recently? If, for example, a load-bearing wall has been demolished, the destination or use of a room has changed, you must be kept informed.

In the event that the property has been renovated, you must ensure that everything has been done according to the rules of the art. Ask for the administrative documents that authorized  the completion of the work as well as the invoices to justify the guarantees of the craftsmen involved . It will also be necessary to check whether the modifications made have been integrated into the plans, the thousandths of co-ownership and the property tax paid to local taxes.

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4- Has the accommodation suffered damage in recent years?

This question is very important insofar as it could help you identify certain weak points. If the electrical network has recently caught fire or the pipe has broken, you will know what to expect. In addition, the answer to this question will allow you to anticipate certain checks if doubts remain.

5- What is the state of the insulation of the accommodation?

The majority of sellers and real estate agents are honest. They will therefore answer you frankly if the insulation is good or poor. The ideal is therefore to prefer  a dwelling with very efficient insulation . Otherwise, you will be forced to pay very high heating bills. You can also be considerate by asking how much the homeowner pays on average for electricity or gas. The DPE (performance diagnosis) will also inform you very well on this point.

6- Does the accommodation have moisture or mold problems?

Humidity problems are real obstacles to the interior comfort of the inhabitants of a dwelling. To avoid being trapped in a damp and moldy home, it would be better to ask the seller about the issue. When faulty ventilation is the source of moisture and mold problems, it is relatively easy to put an end to it. On the other hand, if the cause of the problem is rising damp through the walls, the solution is clearly more difficult to find. You must therefore be vigilant at the risk of acquiring accommodation that does not guarantee your comfort. Look everywhere during your visit.

7- Will the view remain impregnable?

Even if you come across  a home with an extraordinary view , don’t rush to finalize the purchase process. Ask the seller first if the construction of a building that could block the view is not planned in the short or long term. If you want to be sure of the answer you have been given, you can obtain information on this subject from the municipality.

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8- What is the exposure of the accommodation?

Unless you are a building professional, it is almost impossible for you to know the exposure of the different rooms that make up the dwelling. An east-west through exposure is a good point. If the rooms are exposed to the full north, this is nevertheless synonymous with low light. Good applications exist on smartphones that can guide you during visits, to ensure that the exhibits are displayed.

9- What type of glazing for the windows?

Ask the seller or the real estate agent to situate you in relation to the nature of the glazing of the windows installed in the dwelling. If these are equipped with single glazing, it is very likely that the insulation of the accommodation is not perfect. The losses caused by this installation increase the heating bill. It is advisable to prefer  double or triple glazing  to avoid this kind of problem and to ensure good insulation.

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10- Why did you decide to sell now?

Knowing the seller’s motivations is important because there could be hidden reasons for his desire to sell, the gray areas of which will have to be removed or it will just allow you to reassure yourself about the reason for his departure. Also because it could allow you to better negotiate the price of accommodation. Indeed, if the sellers are transferred professionally and they quickly seek takers, you can take advantage of the situation to negotiate well.

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